Furnace Safety Consultants & HVAC Training
Providing education and training for the HVAC service industry and protecting the end user from operating a potentially dangerous heating system. Don't let your competition find the failure first and get the replacement sale!

Cracks and holes in heat exchangers should never go undetected. With the help of Greg Hunsicker and Furnace Safety Consultants you will have a much better understanding of how to find failure if it is present and how to handle the situation. Manufacturers and distributors go to great lengths to show dealers how to sell their furnaces, but without a qualified candidate that actually needs one, who's listening?

Greg has worked with major distributors and trained hundreds of service techs and company owners at his seminars since 1998. Greg's heat exchanger seminar training will allow service companies to get vital information about patterns of heat exchanger failure and how to handle these situations with your customer.  Our training will help protect the safety and well-being of end users who are relying on the service tech to tell them when they really need to buy a new furnace due to safety reasons.

I know of no furnace manufacturers who suggest continued operation of a gas furnace if the heat exchanger has failed, so neither should the heating service technician. It is the heating service technician who is expected to find these failures when performing service repairs or during furnace safety check/tune-ups.

Our training is an investment that creates future sales beyond your imagination.