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Seminars now available for booking.  It is an eye opening experience to say the least

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Thanks again for your expertise.  The training has opened my eyes and all my techs eyes.  The cameras paid for themselves on the first replacement sale.  We are a better, more thorough service company because of your help.  The good we get far outways the bad that can occur because being the bearer of bad news.  Be prepared for a little controversy and a lot of furnace(and AC) replacements.  Thanks Don Freedom Heating and Cooling



Mike,  (Mike Loecker of Holt Supply)
I wish to tell you that the Furnace Safety Seminar that you provided for your dealers in January was a terrific idea.
Before the class I had hoped to get some information to help diagnose heat exchanger failures more accurately. What I received was a whole lot more.
I was able to attend with my Service Manager.
Jason and myself were amazed at the amount of useful and practical information that Greg was able to share with us that night. I a matter of 3 hours Jason and I learned more about diagnosing heat exchangers than what was ever thought to be possible. Greg generated excitement and showed all of us contractors that we were able to generate sales through his techniques.
Greg is a true business man and has the experience of a service technician.
He has a powerful message to deliver and I would hope that American Standard would contract him so he would not show my competitors what I now know.
In the first 3 weeks we sold an extra 5 furnaces and 2 air conditioners because of his teachings. I can't wait to get my service technicians out to air conditioning service calls this summer so we can sell new furnaces.
This was previously unheard of around here.  Thank you again for providing such a valuable seminar. We are both better now.

Scott Paulson of Paulson Air


Greg, Thanks for coming down to Wichita and sharing your knowledge with us.

Iv'e been to a lot of schools over the years but this one ranks @ the top.

It was definately worth every minute.

Paul Heitkotter

Comfort Products Dist.

Your seminar and your methods work great. First furnace I checked I found 4 cracks. Installed a new furnace for them the next day.
Corey Hickmann
Comfort Matters Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Just wanted to let you know that after your seminar I sold a complete system the next morning using the water test with the camera system. We appreciate the information.
Larry Petty

About your seminar. Let me just say FANTASTIC! Didn't realize I had so many cracks in the way I performed my inspections. And what ever you have to say we're listening here in Pittsburgh! Go STEELERS

Tom from HIGH-TEK Heating & Cooling Inc. (Pittsburgh PA)

Just a note about your seminars. Excelent job! EVERY dealer I've talked to has said how his furnace sales have increased since attending your class.  Keep up the good work and I will work .

John Sigerson FSR/DSS
O'Connor Co. Omaha, NE

Hi Greg,

Yes, I think that your new training is a GrandSlam!!!

It is very close to what I preach myself, and yet I thought it important enough to have an all company tech meeting and show them the seminar as a training session.

Great Job!

I'm very very very excited about your new training. I think it is the greatest training  I've ever seen!  You and I see eye to eye on a lot of issues concerning heat exchanger safety inspections and it makes me happy to see the word getting out about the importance of doing a professional grade inspection. I have found that most customers make an incredible assumption. They assume that all contractors are just about the same, and that all are unquestionably qualified to do a professional job. You and I know that is far from the situation!

I think it promotes excellence and honesty in the industry and I applaud you for that!

Tom O'Connor
(President) Shamrock Industries, Inc.
(C.E.O.) Shamrock Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.


The Seminar that you put on for the Lennox Dealers in Wichita was very timely.  I also purchased one of the Inspector Infrared Video Camera units from you.  Out of the first 5 furnaces that I checked after the class 3 of them had cracks or holes in the heat exchangers that I would have previously walked past.  So far 2 of these have resulted in new equipment sales.  Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us to make us all better equipped both with know-how and the tools to properly check these furnaces out there that could make someone ill or worse.  The customers were thankful that we found the problem, rather than upset with us for costing them a new furnace.  Their health and the health of their families far out weighed the fact that they needed to spend money on a new furnace.  The time and money spent on the class and the camera was likely the best investment I have made in a long while.  Thanks again.


Ron Bachman   Bachman Plumbing & Heating in Hesston, KS